DCC32.EXE, the Delphi Command Line Compiler

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DCC32.EXE is the command-line interface for DCC32, the Delphi compiler for 32-bit Windows.

Displaying the Help

To display the help for the command-line compiler, run the compiler with the -h switch:

dcc32 -h

Creating C++ Files from DCC32

There are two ways to generate .hpp files and the other files C++ needs in order to use Delphi source code:

  • Use the -JPHNE switch on the .pas file. This is useful when you need only an individual unit (.pas file).

Generating Debug Info

The -V option (Generate debug info) has several suboptions:

  • -V Generate debug info in the .exe file
  • -VN Generate debug info with namespace or unit scope name
  • -VR Generate debug info in .rsm file (for Delphi, set by the Include remote debug symbols option on the Project > Options > Delphi Compiler > Linking page)
  • -VT Generate debug info in .tds file (for C++, set by the Place debug information in separate TDS file option on the Project > Options > Delphi Compiler > Linking page)

The -VN option does not specify where the debug information is generated. For example, to generate debug information in the .exe file and to include the namespace or unit scope information, you need to specify two options in your DCC32 command, as follows:

-V -VN

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