DCCOSX64.EXE, the Delphi Compiler for 64-bit Intel macOS

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DCCOSX64.EXE is the command-line interface for DCCOSX64, the Delphi compiler for 64-bit Intel macOS..

Options Not Supported by DCCOSX64.EXE

The DCCOSX64.EXE compiler does not support the PE header options (for Windows).

The PE header options (specified in the Project > Options > Delphi Compiler > Linking dialog box) include, among others, the following options:

  • peflags:<flags>
  • peoptflags:<flags
  • peosversion:<major>.<minor>

Another DCC32 command line option not supported by DCCOSX64 is:

-K<addr> = Set image base addr

The Delphi compiler now ignores the {$STRINGCHECKS} directive, so the following is no longer in the command line help:


Displaying the Help

To display the help for the command-line compiler, run the compiler with the -h switch:

dccosx64 -h

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