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This dialog box appears when the program you are debugging raises a language exception or operating system exception, and you have set options that instruct the debugger to handle exceptions on the Language Exceptions and Native OS Exceptions pages of Tools > Options > Debugger Options .

The message format is:

Project <project-name> raised exception class <yyyy> with message <message-text>.

If yyyy is a class name, the exception is a language exception. If yyyy is a hexadecimal value, the exception is an operating system exception.

Item Description

Ignore this exception type

Causes the debugger to ignore this type of language exception or OS exception and sets the corresponding check box in the Exception Types to Ignore list on the Tools > Options > Debugger Options > Language Exceptions page.If you choose to ignore the OS exception, the Handled by option is set to Debugger on the Native OS Exceptions page for all exception ranges that include the exception that was raised.

Show CPU view

This option is displayed only if the location of the exception does not correspond to a source location. Displays the CPU View if you click Break to halt execution.If Show CPU view is displayed and you do not check it, the IDE traverses the call stack looking for a call in the stack that contains source and will show you the first call found that has source.This option has no effect if you click Continue.


Halts program execution where the exception occurred and positions the Code Editor to that line of code.


Continues program execution.

Tip: To copy this or other messages to the clipboard, type CTRL+C.
Note: In some cases, the state of the program will prevent you from continuing, and you will repeatedly see the Debugger Exception Notification dialog box. If this occurs, click Break and then choose Run > Program Reset to end the current program run and release it from memory.