Debugging Multi-threaded Applications

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When debugging multi-threaded applications, it can be confusing trying to keep track of the status of all the threads that are executing simultaneously, or even to determine which thread is executing when you stop at a breakpoint. You can use the Thread Status box to help you keep track of and manipulate all the threads in your application. To display the Thread status box, choose View > Debug Windows > Thread Status from the main menu.

When a debug event occurs (breakpoint, exception, paused), the thread status view indicates the status of each thread. Right-click the Thread Status box to access commands that locate the corresponding source location or make a different thread current. When a thread is marked as current, the next step or run operation is relative to that thread.

The Thread Status box lists all execution threads of your application by their thread ID. If you are using thread objects, the thread ID is the value of the ThreadID property. If you are not using thread objects, the thread ID for each thread is returned by the call to System.BeginThread.


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