Debugging Web Applications That Are DLLs

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ISAPI, NSAPI, and Apache applications are actually DLLs that contain predefined entry points. The Web server passes request messages to the application by making calls to these entry points. Because these applications are DLLs, you can debug them by setting your application's run parameters to launch the server.

To set up your application's run parameters, choose Run > Parameters and set the Host Application and Run Parameters to specify the executable for the Web server and any parameters it requires when you launch it. For details about these values on your Web server, see the documentation provided by you Web server vendor.

Note: Some Web Servers require additional changes before you have the rights to launch the Host Application in this way. See your Web server vendor for details.
Tip: If you are using Windows 2000 with IIS 5, details on all of the changes you need to make to set up your rights properly are described at the following Web site:

Once you have set the Host Application and Run Parameters, you can set up your breakpoints so that when the server passes a request message to your DLL, you hit one of your breakpoints, and can debug normally.

Note: Before launching the Web server using your application's run parameters, make sure that the server is not already running.

User rights necessary for DLL debugging

Under Windows, you must have the correct user rights to debug a DLL.

To obtain these rights

  1. In the Administrative Tools portion of the Control Panel, click on Local Security Policy. Expand Local Policies and double-click User Rights Assignment. Double-click Act as part of the operating system in the right-hand panel.
  2. Select Add to add a user to the list. Add your current user.
  3. Reboot so the changes take effect.

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