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Modifiers (C++), Keyword Extensions, Storage Class Specifiers (C++)




Use the __declspec keyword to indicate the storage class attributes for a variable or function.

The __declspec keyword extends the attribute syntax for storage class modifiers so that their placement in a declarative statement is more flexible. The __declspec keyword and its argument can appear anywhere in the declarator list, as opposed to the old style modifiers, which could only appear immediately preceding the identifier to be modified.

__export void f(void);                      // illegal
void __export f(void)                       // correct
void __declspec(dllexport) f(void);         // correct
__declspec(dllexport)void f(void);          // correct
class __declspec(dllexport) ClassName { }   // correct


Directive Description Alternative
__declspec(allocate("SEGNAME")) Specifies the segment in which the entity is allocated. #pragma codeseg
__declspec(delphiclass) Indicates that this class derives from TObject and should be Delphi- and VCL-compatible.
__declspec(delphirecord) Indicates that this structure is a Delphi record (in C++ code generated automatically from Delphi code).
__declspec(delphireturn) Specifies that this type should be VCL-compatible so that it could be passed by value in function calls.
__declspec(delphirtti) Indicates that for this class' public or published members Delphi RTTI should be generated.
__declspec(dllexport) Specifies that this entity should be imported when building a shared library. _export, __export
__declspec(dllimport) Specifies that this entity should be exported when building a shared library. _import, __import
__declspec(dynamic) Specifies that this function is dynamic (similar to virtual).
__declspec(naked) Specifies that this function should not have prolog and epilog code.
__declspec(hidesbase) Specifies that this member function has no relation to any virtual functions with the same name in any of the base classes.
__declspec(noreturn) Specifies that this function does not return. #pragma noretval, C++11 attribute noreturn
__declspec(nothrow) Specifies that the function does not throw any exception.
__declspec(novtable) Specifies that the code to initialize the class' vtable should not be generated.
__declspec(package) Indicates that this class definition can be compiled in a package.
__declspec(pascalimplementation) Indicates that this class is defined in Delphi.
__declspec(property) Defines a property with the given read and/or write access. __property
__declspec(selectany) Indicates that this global data is initialized in more than one source file and any initialization code can be selected for the definition.
__declspec(thread) Indicates that this entity is local to the thread (thread-local storage). __thread
__declspec(uuid("ComObjectGUID")) Associates the class with a globally unique identifier (GUID).

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