Deploying Packages

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You deploy packages much like you deploy other projects. The files you distribute with a deployed package may vary. The bpl and any packages or dlls required by the bpl must be distributed.

Deploying Applications that Use Packages

When distributing an application that uses run-time packages, make sure that your users have the executable file of the application, as well as all the library (.bpl or .dll) files that the application calls. If the library files are in a directory different from the .exe file, they must be accessible through the user's Path. You may want to follow the convention of putting library files in the Windows\System directory. If you use an installer, your installation script can check the user's system for any packages it requires before blindly reinstalling them.

Deploying Packages for Distribution to Other Developers

If you distribute run-time or design-time packages to other Delphi developers, be sure to supply the .bpl files. You will probably want to include .dcu files as well.

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