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You can add additional files to the Deployment Manager by means of the Add Files command. This command adds miscellaneous additional file(s), that are not part of the project, to the Deployment Manager.

  1. In the Deployment Manager, click the Add Files (DMgrAddFiles.png) button.
  2. On the Open dialog box, select any files you require.
  3. Click the Open button to validate your selections.

The dialog box closes and the files are automatically added to the Deployment Manager files list.

The files are only added to the current configuration (Debug or Release), and to the selected platform: <configuration> - <platform>. Change the current configuration and platform using the Configuration Selector combo box.

To add the files to all the platforms for a selected configuration (Debug or Release), change the Configuration Selector combo box to Debug configuration - All platforms, or Release configuration - All platforms.

To add the files to all configurations and platforms, change the Configuration Selector combo box to All Configurations - All platforms.


  • A common usage scenario for the Add Files command is, for instance, to add data files or configuration files that your application uses.
  • To enable database drivers for the target platform, see Deployment Manager - Add Featured Files.
  • Use the option Overwrite to select those files that you do not want to deploy in order to avoid overwriting them in the target device.
  • When running an application on a mobile device, make sure that the files used by your project are to be deployed to the right folder. For more information, see the following topics:
  • Add Files command automatically adds files to the configuration and platform selected in the Configuration Selector combo box. For example, if your currently selected configuration is Debug Configuration - Android platform, the file that you add is only added to this selection. If you want to add the same file to the release configuration, you need to explicitly select Release Configuration - Android platform in the Configuration Selector combo box and add the file.

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