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The Data Controls category of the Tool Palette provides a set of data-aware controls that represent data from fields in a database record, and can permit users to edit that data and post changes back to the database. Using data-aware controls, you can build your database application's user interface (UI) so that information is visible and accessible to users. For more information on data-aware controls see Using data controls.

In addition to the basic data controls, you may also want to introduce other elements into your user interface:

  • You may want your application to analyze the data contained in a database. Applications that analyze data do more than just display the data in a database, they also summarize the information in useful formats to help users grasp the impact of that data.
  • You may want to create a user interface that can be viewed from Web browsers. The simplest Web-based database applications are described in Using Database Information in Responses. In addition, you can combine the Web-based approach with the multi-tiered architecture, as described in Writing Web-based Client Applications.

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