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Go Up to GUI of Modeling

Context menu (in the Model View) > Open Diagram

The Diagram View displays UML model diagrams.

Diagram View's working area

To open the Diagram View, right-click a diagram, namespace, or package in the Model View and choose Open Diagram on the context menu (or simply double-click the corresponding node). The corresponding UML diagram opens in the Diagram View.

Each UML diagram opens in a separate tab. The Diagram View's pane showing the current UML diagram is the working area of the Diagram View.

Context menu

The Diagram View provides the context menu.

Right-clicking model elements on a UML diagram, including class members, opens the context menu. The context menu, depending on the selected model element, provides access to an element-specific set of operations. Right-clicking the diagram background opens the context menu for the diagram.

Using the context menu, you can add new elements to the UML model directly in the Diagram View. Using the actions provided by the context menu you can:

  • Add, delete, or rename diagram elements (nodes and links).
    • Delete -- This command completely removes the element from the model.
    • Delete from View -- This command deletes the selected element from the diagram (in the Diagram View and Model View) but keeps the element in the namespace (package) in the Model View.
DELETE -- When you press DELETE on the keyboard, the Delete from view command is applied, if it is available in this particular situation. If it is not, the element is deleted completely.

Managing layout

You can customize the layout of a UML diagram using drag-and-drop operations on the diagram elements (nodes and links).

Overview pane

Clicking the Overview button, in the lower-right corner of the Diagram View's working area, opens the Overview pane.

As opposed to the Diagram View, which can show only some part of a big diagram, the Overview pane shows the thumbnail view of the whole diagram. With the mouse, you can drag the viewport (the highlighted rectangle) inside the Overview pane to view the desired part of the diagram; the Diagram View will move the diagram to show the same part of the diagram in the Diagram View window.

With the mouse, drag the upper-left corner of the Overview pane to resize it.

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