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Go Up to Editor Options

Tools > Options > User Interface > Editor > Display

Use this page to set display and font options for the Code Editor.

Item Description

Display options

BRIEF cursor shapes Uses BRIEF editor cursor shapes.
Zoom to full screen Maximizes the Code Editor to fill the entire screen. When this option is off, the Code Editor does not cover the main window when maximized.
Show Navigation Toolbar Displays the Navigation Toolbar

Margin and gutter

Visible right margin

Displays a vertical line at the right margin of the Code Editor.

Right margin

Sets the right margin of the Code Editor. The default is 80 characters.

Visible gutter

Displays the gutter on the left edge of the Code Editor.

Gutter width

Sets the width of the gutter, default is 30.

Show line numbers

Displays the current line number and every tenth line number in the left margin of the Code Editor.

Number all lines

Displays all line numbers in the left margin of the Code Editor.

Editor font

Select a font type from the available screen fonts installed on your system (shown in the list). The Code Editor displays and uses only monospaced screen fonts, such as Courier. Sample text is displayed in the Sample box.


Select a font size from the predefined font sizes associated with the font you selected in the Editor font list box. Sample text is displayed below the Sample box.

Note: You can easily increase and decrease the Editor font size using the following shortcuts: Ctrl+NumPad+ and Ctrl+NumPad-.


Displays a sample of the selected editor font and size.

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