Displaying the Version Control Log

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Go Up to Version Control Systems in the IDE

Use the Log Pane to find all the created revisions. The following steps show you how to open and use the Log pane:

  1. In the Projects Window:
    • For Subversion: right-click a file that is under version control.
    • For Git and Mercurial: right-click a project that is under version control.
  2. In the context menu, select:
    • For Subversion: Subversion > Show Log.
    • For Git: Git > Show Log.
    • For Mercurial: Mercurial > Show Log.
  3. Select one of the following subcommands:
    • From Repository Root searches up the directory tree to find the last directory managed by the same repository as the project file; then adds to the Log pane all the files in that directory and below.
    • From Project Directory adds to the Log pane all files in the project directory and below.
    In the main window of the IDE, the Log Pane displays:
    • Revisions created so far and Search results from using the Search button.
    • Comments associated with the selected revision.
    • Files that were committed in the selected revision.
  4. Click Refresh (Refresh button) to perform a new search on all the revisions applied so far.
  5. Click Next 100 to display one hundred revisions at a time. Loading all the revisions at once takes a longer time.
  6. Click Search (Search button) to find revisions by author, comments, or committed files.

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