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This section contains a set of articles describing how to use FireDAC to edit the dataset data, post changes to a database, and setup the posting of updates.


Topic Description
Changing DataSet Data FireDAC supports dataset records editing, including automatic updates posting to a database.
Caching Updates FireDAC supports the posting of deferred updates, so called Cached Updates.
Unique Identifying Fields FireDAC uses unique identifying columns for generating an efficient update and refresh SQL commands.
Auto-Incremental Fields FireDAC supports correct appending of the new records with auto-incrementing fields and automatic refresh of the database assigned values.
Update Command Generation FireDAC will automatically generate SQL commands to post changes from a dataset to a database, using the obtained meta information for the columns and update table.
Overriding Posting Updates FireDAC allows to selectively override the automatically generated update SQL commands by using TFDUpdateSQL or completely override the posting algorithm by using the OnUpdateRecord event handler.
Specifying Default Values FireDAC allows to specify default field values for new records.