Emptying Tables

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Many table type datasets supply a single method that lets you delete all rows of data in the table.

Table Type Method

TTable and TIBTable

You can delete all the records by calling the EmptyTable method at run time: PhoneTable.EmptyTable; PhoneTable->EmptyTable();


You can use the DeleteRecords method: PhoneTable.DeleteRecords; PhoneTable->DeleteRecords(arAll);


You can use the DeleteRecords method. Note, that the TSQLTable version of DeleteRecords never takes any parameters: PhoneTable.DeleteRecords; PhoneTable->DeleteRecords();


For client datasets, you can use the EmptyDataSet method: PhoneTable.EmptyDataSet; PhoneTable->EmptyDataSet();

Note: For tables on SQL servers, these methods only succeed if you have DELETE privilege for the table.

Warning: When you empty a dataset, the data you delete is gone forever.

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