Executing Stored Procedures That Don't Return a Result Set

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When a stored procedure returns a cursor, you execute it the same way you populate any dataset with records: by setting Active to True or calling the Open method.

However, often stored procedures do not return any data, or only return results in output parameters. You can execute a stored procedure that does not return a result set by calling ExecProc. After executing the stored procedure, you can use the ParamByName method to read the value of the result parameter or of any output parameters:

 MyStoredProcedure.ExecProc;  { does not return a result set }
 Edit1.Text := MyStoredProcedure.ParamByName('OUTVAR').AsString;
 MyStoredProcedure->ExecProc(); // Does not return a result set
 Edit1->Text = MyStoredProcedure->ParamByName("OUTVAR")->AsString;

Note: TADOStoredProc does not have a ParamByName method. To obtain output parameter values when using ADO, access parameter objects using the Parameters property.

Tip: If you are executing the procedure multiple times, it is a good idea to set the Prepared property to True.

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