F2084 Internal Error - %s%d (Delphi)

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Occasionally when compiling an application in Delphi, the compile will halt and display an error message that reads, for example:

Internal Error - X1234

This error message indicates that the compiler has encountered a condition, other than a syntax error, that it cannot successfully process. Sometimes, this error is because the memory consumption at compile time is approaching the limit of the IDE during the build. In this case, a workaround is to set the Project > Options... > Delphi Compiler > Use MSBuild externally to compile to true.

Note: The option "Use MSBuild externally to compile" of the Delphi Compiler page enables to built the project outside the IDE using MSBuild.

The information after "Internal Error" contains one or more characters, immediately followed by a number that indicates the file and line number in the compiler itself where the error occurred. Although this information may not help you, it can help us (Embarcadero) track down the problem if and when you report the error. Be sure to jot down this information and include it with your internal error description.

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