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This topic describes the FDMonitor interactive application monitoring utility.


FireDAC Monitor (FDMonitor) is an analog to BDE SQL Monitor and is a debugging tool for:

  • Tracing a communication between a FireDAC application and a Database Management System (DBMS).
  • Exploring details of commands, parameters, states, execution statistics, and so on.
Note: From RAD Studio 11.2 onwards FDMonitor has new features for SQL views, such as
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • SQL Output view to track SQL commands.

FD Monitor

FireDAC remote monitoring uses TCP/IP as a transport for application output. That means Monitor can run on the same computer as the application or on a different one. Also, a single Monitor can receive output from many FireDAC applications. To enable monitoring for a particular connection definition, set its MonitorBy parameter to the Remote value.

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