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Go Up to Run Menu

Two dialog boxes are linked to this help topic:

  • Find Package Import
    Run > Run (F9)
    This dialog box appears when your application cannot locate one of the run-time packages specified in the Project > Options > Packages (Delphi) dialog box.
  • Unable to find static library
    Project > Build
    This dialog box appears when you try to compile or build an application that uses libraries that are not listed in the Project > Options > Packages > Runtime Packages dialog box.
Item Description

Package Import

Lists the name of the package that cannot be located.


Displays a file browser so that you can locate the correct package name.

Remove this reference

Deletes the name of the package import from the list of run-time packages for the project.

Library location

Do one of the following:

  • Enter the path to the specified library file.
  • Click the ellipsis (...) and browse to the specified file using the Find Static Library dialog box (a standard file open dialog box). Then click OK.

Add path to global library path

Check this checkbox if you want the path in the Library location field to be added to the global library path.

Another way to add paths to the global library path is to edit the Library Path on either the Library (Delphi) page or the Paths and Directories (C++) page in Tools > Options.

Don't ask me this again

Specifies that RAD Studio is to proceed with loading run-time packages without displaying this dialog again.

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