Finding Items on the Tool Palette

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You can use the Search mechanism (Tool Palette Filter Icon) to find components on the Tool Palette.

To find items on the Tool Palette

  1. Do either of the following:
    • Click anywhere on the Tool Palette.
    • Click inside the Search field, which contains the magnifying glass icon (Tool Palette Filter Icon).
  2. Start typing the name of the item that you want to find. Your typing is automatically inserted into the Search field, and the Tool Palette is filtered to display only those item names that match your typing. The characters that you have typed are highlighted in boldface in the item names.
  3. Double-click an item to perform the default action for that item. For example, double-clicking a component adds it to your form, whereas double-clicking a code snippet adds it to your code. (When the item you want is listed first on the Tool Palette, you can simply press Enter to insert or activate that item.)
  4. To restore the default component listing on the Tool Palette, click the X in the Search field.

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