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Go Up to GetIt Package Manager

Tools > GetIt Package Manager

The GetIt Package Manager window lets you search and browse available packages. From this window you can install, uninstall, update, or subscribe to these packages.


Item Description

Search box

Enter one on more words in the Search field to filter the packages displayed in the package grid. When you specify a search text, the package grid will show packages that have a matching name, vendor or description.

The search box filters the package grid as you type.


Click one of the following filter options to filter the packages in the package grid.

  • All: show all packages, do not filter out any package. Select the package to see the Install option.
  • Installed: show the installed packages and give the option to Uninstall the selected package.
  • Subscription Only: show packages that require a subscription to be updated or installed.
  • Updates: show packages with updates available. To see the updated version of the package, you need to agree with all dependencies licenses terms.


Click one of the following language options to filter the type of packages displayed in the package grid.

  • All: show all packages, do not filter out any package.
  • Delphi: display only the Delphi packages in ascending order.
  • C++: display only the C++ packages in ascending order.

Sort by

Click one of the following sort by parameters to arrange the packages in the package grid.

  • Name: sort packages alphabetically by package name, in ascending order.
  • Vendor: sort packages alphabetically by vendor name, in ascending order.
  • Date: sort packages according to the date they were available for installation.


Click one of the following categories to filter the type of packages displayed in the package grid.

  • All: show all packages, do not filter out any package.
  • Libraries: display only the Libraries packages.
  • Components: display only the Components packages.
  • Internet Of Things: display only the Internet of Things packages.
  • Trial: display only trial GetIt packages from third party vendors.
  • Industry Templates: display only industry templates that you can modify to suit the needs of your organization.
  • IDE Plugins: display only IDE plugins.
  • Styles: display only packages with styles that you can use for changing appearance of UI components.
  • C++ Libraries: display C++ (CX) libraries.
  • Sample Projects: display only sample projects.
  • Trial Packages: Show packages with trial versions available.
Note: The given Categories system is dynamic and additional categories may be added over time.

Package grid

Each package box provides information about a package and a button that lets you install or uninstall that package:

  • Icon: the top area of every package shows an icon that represents the package.
On the top-right corner of each package icon, a smaller icon shows the languages that each package supports:
  • RX 2.png Both Delphi and C++
  • 32px Delphi
  • CX 2.png C++
Note: If a package is available in Delphi and C++, and the Delphi version of the package also supports C++, GetIt Package Manager displays the Delphi icon only.
  • Name and version: name and version of the package.
Click the name and version of a package to open a web page that provides detailed information about that package.
  • Vendor: name of the vendor that provides the package.
Click the vendor name of a package to open a web page that provides detailed information about that vendor.
  • Install: packages show an Install button if they are not installed, and an Installed icon shows at the top right corner of the package once the installation finishes.
  • Uninstall: installed packages show an Uninstall button.
  • Renew subscription: packages that require subscription to be installed, redirect to the update subscription page.
  • Open Link: packages show a Open Link button when they need to be installed from external sources.
Note: Deferred packages ask you to restart the IDE to complete the installation process. If you don't want to restart the IDE immediately the package will be installed once you open the IDE again. A Cancel Pending Installation button shows to cancel the deferred package pending installation.

Load Local Package

Click this button to enable the installation of a Delphi package delivered as a local file.

Note: Requires an active Subscription.
Tip: If you use the Offline Installer, RAD Studio will not be able to access the GetIt Package Manager until you manually switch to "online mode". To do this, we recommend using the GetItCmd.exe tool: GetItCmd.exe -c=useonline

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