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View > History

Navigates the code browsing history.

Two subcommands are associated with the History command:

  • The Back subcommand is equivalent to the BackArrow.png Back arrow and the Alt+Left hotkey in the Code Editor window.
  • The Forward subcommand is equivalent to the ForwardArrow.png Forward arrow and the Alt+Right hotkey in the Code Editor window.

The History command is enabled after you start code browsing, that is, when you have a code browsing history to navigate. Typically, you invoke code browsing by pressing CTRL+Click to follow the code (go to the source) for a selected element, such as a source file or a module name. In searching for a target, the IDE first uses either the Include path (as set for C++) or the Search path (as set for Delphi). There is also a Browsing path option, which the IDE uses second. You can set these options in Project > Options, as described in Code Browsing.

The C++Class Explorer also uses the code browsing history. If you navigate away from the C++ Class Explorer (for example, by using the Goto Definition or Goto Declaration button), a Class Explorer entry is added to the History to allow you to return.

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