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Go Up to Editor Options

Tools > Options > User Interface > Editor Options > Key Mappings

Use this page to enable or disable key binding enhancement modules and to change the order in which they are initialized.

Item Description

Key mapping modules

Lists the available key bindings, such as Default, IDE Classic, BRIEF Emulation, and so forth. The available key bindings are listed and described in Keyboard Mappings Index.

Note: If a standard key combination (such as Ctrl-Z for Undo) is not working as expected, reset the Default mapping selection and check Use Ctrl+Alt keys (both of those are the default settings).

To set the key binding used in the Code Editor, select from the list of Current editor key mapping options.

Enhancement modules

Enhancement modules are special packages that are installed and registered and use the keyboard binding features that can be developed using the Open Tools API. You can create enhancement modules that contain new keystrokes or apply new operations to existing keystrokes. Once installed, the enhancement modules are displayed in the Enhancement modules list box. Clicking the check box next to the enhancement module enables it and unchecking disables it. Key mapping defined in an installed and enabled enhancement module overrides any existing key mapping defined for that key in the key mapping module that is currently in effect.

Current editor key mapping

Provides a quick way to set the editor options by using preconfigured settings in the drop-down list:

Move Up

Moves the selected enhancement module up one level in the list.

Move Down

Moves the selected enhancement module down one level in the list.

Use Ctrl+Alt Keys

If checked, the Ctrl+Alt key combination is used in keyboard shortcuts throughout the IDE.

If unchecked, keyboard shortcuts are disabled, and CTRL+ALT can be used to perform other functions, such as entering accent characters.

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