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Keywords are words reserved for special purposes and must not be used as normal identifier names.

If you use non-ANSI keywords in a C++ program and you want the program to be ANSI compliant, always use the non-ANSI keyword versions that are prefixed with double underscores. Some keywords have a version prefixed with only one underscore; these keywords are provided to facilitate porting code developed with other compilers. For ANSI-specified keywords there is only one version.

Note: Note that the keywords __try and try are an exception to the discussion above. The keyword try is required to match the catch keyword in the C++ exception-handling mechanism. try cannot be substituted by __try. The keyword __try can only be used to match the __except or __finally keywords. See the discussions on C++ exception handling and C-based structured exceptions in Exception Handling inside the Windows Developer's Guide for more information.

Please see the Help table of contents for a complete categorical and alphabetical listing of keywords.

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