Limiting Records with Parameters

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If the client dataset is

  • a TClientDataSet instance whose associated provider represents a TTable or TSQLTable component
  • a TSimpleDataSet 'or a 'TBDEClientDataSet instance whose CommandType property is ctTable

then it can use the Params property to limit the records that it caches in memory. Each parameter represents a field value that must be matched before a record can be included in the client dataset's data. This works much like a filter, except that with a filter, the records are still cached in memory, but unavailable.

Each parameter name must match the name of a field. When using TClientDataSet, these are the names of fields in the TTable or TSQLTable component associated with the provider. When using TSimpleDataSet or TBDEClientDataSet, these are the names of fields in the table on the database server. The data in the client dataset then includes only those records whose values on the corresponding fields match the values assigned to the parameters.

For example, consider an application that displays the orders for a single customer. When the user identifies the customer, the client dataset sets its Params property to include a single parameter named CustID (or whatever field in the source table is called) whose value identifies the customer whose orders should be displayed. When the client dataset requests data from the source dataset, it passes this parameter value. The provider then sends only the records for the identified customer. This is more efficient than letting the provider send all the orders records to the client application and then filtering the records using the client dataset.

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