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When working with database connections, it is often convenient to have controls that are data aware. That is, the application can establish a link between the control and some part of a database. Delphi includes data-aware labels, edit boxes, list boxes, combo boxes, lookup controls, and grids. You can also make your own controls data-aware. For more information about using data-aware controls, see Using data controls Index.

There are several degrees of data awareness. The simplest is read-only data awareness, or data browsing -- the ability to reflect the current state of a database. More complicated is editable data awareness, or data editing, where the user can edit the values in the database by manipulating the control. Note also that the degree of involvement with the database can vary, from the simplest case, a link with a single field, to more complex cases, such as multiple-record controls.

This section first illustrates the simplest case, making a read-only control that links to a single field in a dataset. The specific control used will be the TSampleCalendar calendar created in Customizing a grid Index. You can also use the standard calendar control on the Samples page of the Tool Palette, TCalendar.

The section then continues with an explanation of how to make the new data browsing control a data editing control.

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