Making a Dialog Box a Component - Overview

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You will find it convenient to make a frequently used dialog box into a component that you add to the Tool palette. Your dialog box components will work just like the components that represent the standard common dialog boxes. The goal is to create a simple component that a user can add to a project and set properties for at design time.

Making a dialog box a component requires these steps:

  1. Defining the Component Interface
  2. Creating and Registering the Component
  3. Creating the Component Interface
  4. Testing the Component

The Delphi "wrapper" component associated with the dialog box creates and executes the dialog box at run time, passing along the data the user specified. The dialog-box component is therefore both reusable and customizable.

In this section, you will see how to create a wrapper component around the generic About Box form provided in the Delphi Object Repository.

Note: Copy the files ABOUT.PAS and ABOUT.DFM into your working directory.

There are not many special considerations for designing a dialog box that will be wrapped into a component. Nearly any form can operate as a dialog box in this context.