Migrating dbGo Applications to FireDac

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This article guides you through a series of steps to migrate the dbGo application to the FireDAC.


Topic Description
dbGo Components Overview Main dbGo components.
Overview of ADO Components Main components to connect an ADO data store.
Connect to ADO Data Stores Tutorial for connecting to an ADO data store.
Using TADODataSet TADODataSet usage overview.
Using Command Objects TADOCommand overview.


This article provides an overview of showing how to migrate a dbGo application to FireDAC. The core migration can be done using reFind and the specific script provided with RAD Studio. Additionally, RAD Studio included a unit with data types and helpers to simplify the migration, called FireDAC.ADO.Migrate.pas.


In general, the FireDAC components have a medium compatibility level with the dbGo data access components. There are differences in the syntax and semantics of the properties and methods in the FireDAC and dbGo. But some parts are different:

  • dbGo and FireDAC have components with different names (for example, TADOQuery component in BDE is TFDQuery in FireDAC).
  • dbGo and FireDAC have different alias/connection definition systems. dbGo uses connection strings, while FireDAC stores the connection definitions in the FDConnectionDefs.ini file.
  • dbGo and FireDAC can have different data type mapping for the same RDBMS. However, FireDAC has powerful capabilities to adjust the data type mapping.

This is nearly all that needs to be changed at the migration from dbGo to FireDAC. After the migration (or in parallel with it), you should consider reviewing your application for:

  • Using the extended FireDAC functionality to simplify your application.
  • Using the extended FireDAC functionality to extend the functionality of your application.
  • Using the FireDAC options to fine-tune your application and speed it up.

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