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Delphi imposes no restrictions on what you name methods or their parameters. There are a few conventions that make methods easier for application developers, however. Keep in mind that the nature of a component architecture dictates that many different kinds of people can use your components.

If you are accustomed to writing code that only you or a small group of programmers use, you might not think too much about how you name things. It is a good idea to make your method names clear because people unfamiliar with your code (and even unfamiliar with coding) might have to use your components.

Here are some suggestions for making clear method names:

  • Make names descriptive. Use meaningful verbs. A name like PasteFromClipboard is much more informative than simply Paste or PFC.
  • Function names should reflect the nature of what they return.

Although it might be obvious to you as a programmer that a function named X returns the horizontal position of something, a name like GetHorizontalPosition is more universally understandable.

As a final consideration, make sure the method really needs to be a method. A good guideline is that method names have verbs in them. If you find that you create a lot of methods that do not have verbs in their names, consider whether those methods ought to be properties.

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