Obtaining Aggregate Values

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To get the value of a maintained aggregate, call the Value method of the TAggregate object that represents the aggregate. Value returns the maintained aggregate for the group that contains the current record of the client dataset.

When you are summarizing over the entire client dataset, you can call Value at any time to obtain the maintained aggregate. However, when you are summarizing over grouped information, you must be careful to ensure that the current record is in the group whose summary you want. Because of this, it is a good idea to obtain aggregate values at clearly specified times, such as when you move to the first record of a group or when you move to the last record of a group. Use the GetGroupState method to determine where the current record falls within a group.

To display maintained aggregates in data-aware controls, use the Fields editor to create a persistent aggregate field component. When you specify an aggregate field in the Fields editor, the client dataset's Aggregates is automatically updated to include the appropriate aggregate specification. The AggFields property contains the new aggregated field component, and the FindField method returns it.

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