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This topic lists operator constants. These constants are used as parameters of type System.TVarOp in methods such as System.Variants.TCustomVariantType.RightPromotion and System.Variants.TCustomVariantType.BinaryOp. Definitions for these operator constants are listed among the other types of "Constants" on the System page.

Constant Description
opAdd opAdd defines an addition operation.
opAnd opAnd defines a logical AND operation.
opCmpEQ opCmpEQ defines an equality comparison operator.
opCmpGE opCmpGE defines a greater than or equal comparison operator.
opCmpGT opCmpGT defines a greater than comparison operator.
opCmpLE opCmpLE defines a less than or equal comparison operator.
opCmpLT opCmpLT defines a less than comparison operator.
opCmpNE opCmpNE defines an inequality comparison operator.
opCompare opCompare defines a comparison operation.
opDivide opDivide defines a divide operation.
aopIntDivide opIntDivide defines an integer divide operation.
opModulus opModulus defines a modulus operation.
pMultiply opMultiply defines a multiply operation.
opNegate opNegate defines a negate operation.
opNot opNot defines a binary negation operation.
opOr opOr defines a logical OR operation.
opShiftLeft opShiftLeft defines a bitwise shift left operation.
opShiftRight opShiftRight defines a bitwise shift right operation.
opSubtract opSubtract defines a subtraction operation.
opXor opXor defines a logical EXCLUSIVE OR operation.

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