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This is one of a group of generic dialog boxes that includes the following dialog boxes:

These dialog boxes have different purposes, but each of them manages an ordered list of items (for example, an ordered list of directories or an ordered list of user-defined conditional defines). The dialog box has an upper pane that lists currently active items, a text entry field, and an optional lower pane that lists potential additions.

You can invoke the dialog box from different Tools > Options or Project > Options dialog boxes, by clicking the Ellipsis button next to a control that contains an ordered list of items.

Note: Not all of the options described below are available in each of these dialog boxes.
Item Description

<ordered list>
in upper pane

The upper pane displays the items in the ordered list. To add items to this list, use the text_entry_field text field and the Add button.

Up arrow or Down arrow

Moves the selected item up or down, respectively, in the ordered list pane.


Specifies an item to add, replace or delete from the ordered list pane. You can enter an item in this field or click an item in the ordered list pane to select the item and display it in this field.

Browse for Folder BrowseForFolder2.png or ellipsis Ellipsis button

When you are editing a list of directories or filenames (such as header names), displays a Browse for Folder dialog box. You can navigate to and select a folder. The item that you select is displayed in the text entry field.


Replaces the selected item with the item in the text_entry_field text field.


Adds the item in the text_entry_field text field to the ordered list of items.


Removes the selected item from the ordered list pane.


Displays a drop-down menu which allows you to update, expand or delete Library paths using environment variables.

Update Selected Using Environment Variables

Converts the selected library path to a path that uses environment variables.

Update All Using Environment Variables

Converts all specified library paths to paths that use environment variables.

Expand Selected From Environment Variables

Allows you to expand the selected item, converts a path using an environment variable into a fully qualified path.

Delete Invalid Paths

Allows you to removes all greyed paths from the ordered list pane. A path is greyed if it is no longer valid.

Delete Duplicate Paths

Allows you to delete duplicate paths.

Inherit values from "parent configuration(s)"

Occurs on Project Options dialog boxes. Check this box if you want items in the ordered list pane to be inherited from the parent build configuration. When this box is checked, items that you add from the display / working_field pane are in addition to the inherited value.

<display / working_field>
in lower pane

The lower pane, when present, is either a display area or a working area where you can construct items to move into the upper ordered list pane. When items listed here are grayed, you cannot enter items in this pane or select individual items.

For Project Options dialogs, this box lists the items that are controlled by the Inherit values from "parent configuration(s)" check box.

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