Refreshing the Type Library

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Go Up to Using the Type Library Editor

To refresh the type library, choose the Refresh Implementation icon on the Type Library Editor toolbar.

Refreshing the type library does the following:

  • Updates the xxxx_TLB units that contain a Delphi or C++ representation of the Type Library.
  • Notifies the IDE's module manager to update the implementation files that contain the implementation for the CoClasses, if the type library is associated with a CoClass that was generated by a wizard.

On the Tools > Options > Environment Options > Delphi Options > Type Library or the Tools > Options > Environment Options > C++ Options > Type Library dialog box, you can designate specific instances when you want the Type Library Editor to refresh the type library implementation. You can select from the following instances:

  • When renaming the type library.
  • When .ridl file is saved.

Note: If you have renamed items in the type library, refreshing the implementation may create duplicate entries. In this case, you must move your code to the correct entry and delete any duplicates. Similarly, if you delete items in the type library, refreshing the implementation does not remove them from CoClasses (under the assumption that you are merely removing them from visibility to clients). You must delete these items manually in the implementation unit if they are no longer needed.

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