Registering the Property Editor

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Once you create a property editor, you need to register it with Delphi. Registering a property editor associates a type of property with a specific property editor. You can register the editor with all properties of a given type or just with a particular property of a particular type of component.

To register a property editor, call the RegisterPropertyEditor procedure.

RegisterPropertyEditor takes four parameters:

  • A type-information pointer for the type of property to edit - this is always a call to the built-in function TypeInfo, such as
  • The type of the component to which this editor applies - if this parameter is nil, the editor applies to all properties of the given type.
  • The name of the property - this parameter only has meaning if the previous parameter specifies a particular type of component. In that case, you can specify the name of a particular property in that component type to which this editor applies.
  • The type of property editor to use for editing the specified property.