Remote Debugging - Old-Style Procedures

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Note: This topic summarizes how to install and run the old-style remote debugger.

Note: Although the old-style remote debugging solution is still supported, we recommend that you use the new remote and multi-device debugging solution which enables you to:

  • Use the integrated debugger to debug both remote and multi-device applications.
  • Use the Deployment Manager to configure and deploy your applications.

The old-style remote debugging lets you debug a RAD Studio application running on a remote computer. Once the remote debug server is running on the remote computer, you can use RAD Studio to connect to that computer and begin debugging.

Use the following set of procedures to debug an application running on a remote machine

  1. To enable debugging on a machine that does not have the full IDE installation, see Installing a Debugger on a Remote Machine.
  2. To connect the local machine to the remote machine, see Establishing a Connection for Remote Debugging.
  3. To generate program files to be copied to the remote machine, see Preparing Files for Remote Debugging.
  4. To start the remote debug server for a debugging session, see Installing, Starting, and Stopping the Remote Debug Server.


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