Resizing Diagram Elements

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Diagram elements can be resized automatically or manually.

When new members are added into an element that was never resized manually, the element automatically grows to show the added members.

For an element that was resized manually, when the element contents changes, for example when you add new members, and the element size becomes too small to display all members of the element, then the scroll bars are displayed to the right of too small compartments.

To resize an element manually

  1. In the Diagram View, click an element. The selected element is highlighted with bullets.
  2. Drag one of the bullets in the desired direction.
Result: The size of the selected element changes accordingly.

To optimize sizes of node elements automatically

  1. In the Diagram View, right-click the diagram background (or one of the selected elements).
  2. In the Layout submenu, click Optimize Sizes.
Result: The Modeling enlarges or shrinks all node elements on the diagram (or all selected node elements) to the optimal sizes, leaving enough space for their labels and any sub-elements they may contain.

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