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Go Up to Building

Project > Options > Building > Resource Compiler

Use this dialog box to set Resource Compiler options.

For more information about the Resource Compiler, see BRCC32.EXE, the Resource Compiler.

Options Description

Target, Apply, Save

See Target Options.

Common items

See Common Items on Project Options Pages.

Resource Compiler Options Description

Additional options

Enter additional options for the resource compiler (BRCC32.EXE).

Code page

(Windows only)

Specify the code page to be used for resource translation. If no code page is specified, the default ANSI code page is used.

Supported on 32-bit Windows and 64-bit Windows platform only.

Default language

Specify the default language. For example, -l409 represents English. See for more information about specifying language identifiers.


Ignore INCLUDE environment variable. The default is False.

Multi-byte character support

Multibyte character support. If this option is set to True, then the Resource Compiler assumes the resource file has multibyte characters in it. The default is False.

Resource compiler to use

Specify the resource compiler that you want to use. Choices are either BRCC32.exe (the default) or RC.exe (Windows SDK Resource Compiler). If you choose to use RC, refer to RC.exe for more information.

Response file

Enter or select a response file. A response file is a standard ASCII text file (typically with the .RSP extension) that contains one or more command-line options and/or file names, with entries separated by a space or a new line. The Ellipsis pop-up button is described in Common Items on Project Options Pages.

Verbose messages

The linker emits detailed information messages. The default is False.


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