Rules for Naming Multi-Device Projects and Files

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Project or file names that are accepted on the Windows platform can in some cases be unacceptable on the mobile platforms (iOS and Android). A project that has a name that is not acceptable on the target platform will fail in the deployment step.

For example, a project name that contains a hyphen (-) will fail to deploy to the Android platform because Java does not allow hyphens in project names. Specifically, an invalid package name in the Android app's manifest causes the "INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK" error.

  • To avoid conflicts, you should use the Java Package name conventions whenever you are creating a project that is to run on Android.
  • Similarly, you should observe the Apple Objective C naming conventions for projects are to run on the iOS or Mac OSX platforms.

Java/Android Naming Rules

iOS Naming Rules

Windows Naming Rules

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