Running Your iOS Application on the iOS Simulator

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After you have successfully configured your development environment for iOS application development, you can run your Delphi iOS application on the iOS simulator as follows:

  1. Run the Platform Assistant on the Mac.
  2. In RAD Studio:
    1. On the Projects Window, expand the Target Platforms node and double-click the iOS Simulator target platform to activate that platform. The active target platform is displayed using a bold font.
    2. Expand the iOS Simulator node in the Project Manager, expand the Target node, and double-click a simulator node to activate that simulator. The active simulator is displayed using a bold font.
    3. Run your application, either with debugging (Run > Run) or without debugging (Run > Run Without Debugging).

RAD Studio builds your application for the iOS simulator, connects to your Mac using the connection profile you assigned to the iOS Simulator platform. The Platform Assistant running on the Mac launches your application on the iOS simulator.

Note: RAD Studio might look frozen at some points until it launches your application on the iOS simulator, but it is just preparing to run your application.

The following message is displayed on the development system:

  Compilation complete. Please switch to the machine/device specified in the profile 'profile-name'.

Go to your Mac, where you should see the iOS simulator running.

Note: C++Builder does not support running iOS apps on the iOS simulator, but does support running applications iOS devices.

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