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You can use the grid Options property at design time to control basic grid behavior and appearance at run time. When a grid component is first placed on a form at design time, the Options property in the Object Inspector is displayed with a + (plus) sign to indicate that the Options property can be expanded to display a series of Boolean properties that you can set individually. To view and set these properties, click the + sign. The list of options is expanded in the Object Inspector below the Options property. The + sign changes to a - (minus) sign, which collapses the list back when you click it.

The Options properties that can be set are listed here. For more full descriptions of these options (including how they affect the grid at run time), see Vcl.DBGrids.TDBGridOption:

TDBGridOption Properties:

  • dgAlwaysShowEditor
  • dgAlwaysShowSelection
  • dgCancelOnExit
  • dgColLines
  • dgColumnResize
  • dgConfirmDelete
  • dgEditing
  • dgIndicator
  • dgMultiSelect
  • dgRowLines
  • dgRowSelect
  • dgTabs
  • dgTitleClick
  • dgTitleHotTrack
  • dgTitles

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