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RAD Studio provides a customizable source code formatter. The formatter can standardize many aspects of Delphi and C/C++ source code formatting, including:

The formatter is intended to be able to format compilable Delphi and C/C++ source code. If a source code file cannot be compiled, then the formatting results might be incorrect.

Use the source code formatter for best source code presentation. The formatter is useful in analyzing the program flow, searching for bugs, and presenting code. After many changes during iterative bug fixing, initial source code typically does not look as it should. Each method or block might be formatted with its own style, a mix of tabs and spaces might be used for indentation, and different tab size settings might be used by different authors. In this case, indentation only confuses the user instead of clarifying the program structure. Correct source formatting can help in understanding the program logic and finding bugs quickly.

RAD Studio provides:


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