Specifying Property Categories

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When you register properties in a category, you can use any string you want as the name of the category. If you use a string that has not been used before, the Object Inspector generates a new property category class with that name. You can also, however, register properties into one of the categories that are built-in. The built-in property categories are described in the following table:

Property categories :

Category Purpose


Properties related to runtime actions; the Enabled and Hint properties of TEdit are in this category.


Properties related to database operations; the DatabaseName and SQL properties of TQuery are in this category.

Drag, Drop, and Docking

Properties related to drag-and-drop and docking operations; the DragCursor and DragKind properties of TImage are in this category.

Help and Hints

Properties related to using online Help or hints; the HelpContext and Hint properties of TMemo are in this category.


Properties related to the visual display of a control at design-time; the Top and Left properties of TDBEdit are in this category.


Properties related to obsolete operations; the Ctl3D and ParentCtl3D properties of TComboBox are in this category.


Properties related to associating or linking one component to another; the DataSet property of TDataSource is in this category.


Properties related to international locales; the BiDiMode and ParentBiDiMode properties of TMainMenu are in this category.


Properties that may require modification in localized versions of an application. Many string properties (such as Caption) are in this category, as are properties that determine the size and position of controls.


Properties related to the visual display of a control at run time; the Align and Visible properties of TScrollBox are in this category.


Properties related to the input of data (need not be related to database operations); the Enabled and ReadOnly properties of TEdit are in this category.


Properties that do not fit a category or do not need to be categorized (and properties not explicitly registered to a specific category); the AllowAllUp and Name properties of TSpeedButton are in this category.