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View > Tool Windows > Templates

Creates, edits, or deletes live code templates.

Item Description


Displays the name of the available live templates.


Describes the live template.

Templates Window Toolbar:

Toolbar Button Description

NewCodeTemplate.jpg New code template

Creates an XML template file in the code editor with default code which you can edit. Specify the template name, author, description, and template content.

RemoveCodeTemplate.jpg Remove code template

Removes the selected template from the list and deletes the template's .xml file from disk.

EditCodeTemplate.jpg Edit code template

Opens the content of the selected template file in the code editor where you can modify it.

InsertCodeTempate.jpg Insert code template into Code Editor

Inserts the code content from the selected template into the code editor at the cursor location.

FilterCodeTemplate.jpg Filter code templates by language

Displays only the templates related to the current project language.

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