Troubleshooting: Cannot Deploy an Application for Android

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To resolve this problem, look at these areas:

  • Check the Build tab of the Messages view for any of the following errors:
    • [Error Error] Required local file "Android\<build configuration>\lib<project name>.so" not found. Deployment failed.
      You must build your project before you deploy it.
    • [Error Error] Missing provisioning information for the "Application Store" platform configuration, the file '<APK path>' has been sucessfully generated but it has not been signed and it is a non-instalable package.
      It means that RAD Studio successfully deployed your application, but you did not provide the required provisioning information to sign it. You need to provide the required provisioning information in order to run your application from RAD Studio using the Application Store platform configuration (as opposed to Debug, which does not require this information).
      Alternatively, you can sign your unsigned APK file manually.
    • [Exec Error] The command "<command line>" exited with code <integer other than 0>.
      You must ensure that the Android SDK that you have assigned to the Android target platform in your project is configured with the right KeyTool location path. You can review and edit your Android SDK properties from the SDK Manager.
  • If you get a PAClient error, look up your error in the Platform Assistant Server Errors Index.

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