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To troubleshoot the Delphi LSP, follow the steps:

DelphiLSP fails to work in certain files

  • Make sure the files are UTF8 encoded and have consistent line endings.

CTRL+Click fails while compiling works

  • Make sure the symbol reference info ($Y) is on.
  • Make sure the source file containing the declaration of the clicked symbol is either in the search path or the browsing path. This is only required if DCU or DCP files are found in the search path.
  • Switch from release to debug configuration.
  • Rebuild the project and all its dependencies.
  • If you click or hover over a declaration, the symbol is not visible to the compiler. So, DelphiLSP cannot assist you.
  • Review if the cursor is placed within an IFDEF. Keep in mind that DelphiLSP only works within active Macros.

Filing Bugs and Log Files

To enable log files, open the registry:

  • Create a key:


  • Create a DWORD value called DelphiLSPLog with value hex $ff or decimal 255

Log files will be located in C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\Temp\DelphiLSP.

Make sure you include the log files with every bug report in the Quality Portal. They are extremely helpful in tracking down the cause of issues.

Note: Log files include source code when a unit is modified in the IDE. If concerned about confidentiality, you can send your log files privately, along with your bug report case number, to our secure email address:

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