Troubleshooting a Model

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To troubleshoot your model, you can use the following operations.

To refresh the Model View

  1. Open the Model View.
  2. Click the Refresh Model View toolbar button.

To reload the model of an implementation project

  1. Open the Model View.
  2. Right-click the implementation project root node and choose Reload on the context menu.
This operation reloads the model from the source code.

Note: Use the Reload command as a workaround for issues that might appear while making changes in UML modeling that cause some elements on the diagram to stop responding, or if you get from UML modeling such errors as <undefined value>.

Tip: Usually, when these problems occur, the elements also disappear from the RAD Studio Structure View and the corresponding source code is underlined in blue in the Code Editor. UML modeling cannot always properly handle such elements that become broken. To restore broken elements to a normal state, it is necessary to edit the code in the text editor according to the recommendation shown in the Code Editor. In these cases, it is best to refresh the model using Reload to prevent possible further misbehavior.

To update a diagram

  1. Open the Diagram View.
  2. Right-click the background of the diagram and choose Update on the context menu. Or press F5.

To fix a model

  • For implementation projects: regenerate them from the source code.
  • For all types of diagrams: check that none of the necessary elements are hidden.

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