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Go Up to Projects Window

View > Project Manager | right-click a project or file under SVN | Subversion > Update

Code Editor | right-click a file under SVN Subversion | Version Control > Subversion > Update

Update is a source-control operation that refreshes the working files from the repository, retrieving all the changes to the files that were committed. This command is only enabled for files that are under version control by Subversion.

There are several ways to update a file from the Subversion repository:

  • Right-click on a file that is versioned in the Project Manager. Update brings up to date that file and all the other files associated with it.
  • Right-click on a project node in the Project Manager, then select Subversion > Update .
    This command typically gives you three options that control which files will be updated:
    • From Repository Root, which will crawl up your directory tree, looking for the last directory that is managed by the same repository as the project file and do an update from that location, updating all files in that directory and below.
    • From Project Directory, which will do an update from the same directory as the project and update all files in that directory and below.
    • File in this Project, which will update all files and their associated files that are listed in the project manager. This may not include every file needed for the project to build successfully (this depends on how you have organized your project.)

A list of update actions is shown in the message view under the Subversion tab. Information about errors that occurred is shown in a message box.

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