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RAD Studio provides wizards that help you create COM projects and COM objects. These wizards are available for both Delphi and C++ projects.

The following COM wizards are available in the list for File > New > Other > <personality> > ActiveX:

Two additional Multitier wizards are available from the File > New > Other > <personality> > Multitier list:

To use a COM wizard:

  1. Choose File > New > Other. The New Items dialog box displays.
  2. In the Item Categories tree, click the ActiveX folder beneath your chosen personality, either C++Builder Projects or Delphi Projects.
  3. In the ActiveX folder, double-click ActiveX Library. This creates a Dynamic Link Library [DLL] project that you can use to host in-process ActiveX Objects.
  4. Choose File > New > Other again.
  5. Do either one of the following:
    • To display the COM wizards, click the same ActiveX folder that you clicked in step 2.
    • To display the multitier wizards, click the Multitier folder in your selected personality.
  6. Double-click the wizard that you want to use.

Note: To create a client application to interact with the server created by a COM wizard, use the Import Component Wizard or the TLIBIMP utility. If your application implements more than one COM object, you should specify the same instancing for all of them.

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