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When you create a form from the IDE, Delphi automatically creates the form in memory by including code in the main entry point of your application function. Usually, this is the desired behavior and you don't have to do anything to change it. That is, the main window persists through the duration of your program, so you would likely not change the default behavior when creating the form for your main window.

However, you may not want all your application's forms in memory for the duration of the program execution. That is, if you do not want all your application's dialogs in memory at once, you can create the dialogs dynamically when you want them to appear.

Forms can be modal or modeless. Modal forms are forms with which the user must interact before switching to another form (for example, a dialog box requiring user input). Modeless forms are windows that are displayed until they are either obscured by another window or until they are closed or minimized by the user.