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TSQLTable represents a database table that is accessed using dbExpress. TSQLTable generates a query to fetch all the rows and columns in a table you specify. You can add a TSQLTable component to a form at designtime, or create one dynamically at run time.

To use TSQLTable

  1. Choose File > New > Other. The New Items dialog displays.
  2. In the New Items dialog, select Delphi Projects and double-click VCL Forms Application. The Windows Designer displays.
  3. From the dbExpress category of the Tool Palette, drag a TSQLTable component to the form.
  4. In the Object Inspector, set its Name property to a unique value appropriate to your application.
  5. Set the SQLConnection property.
  6. Set the TableName property to the name of the table in the database.
  7. Add a data source component to the form.
  8. Set the DataSet property of the data source component to the the name of the dataset.

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