Using Tooltips During Debugging

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When you debug an application, you can display the members' values within a watched object whose type is a complex data object (such as a class, record, or array). These values display in the code editor window when you expand a watched object. Additionally, you can expand the elements within an object, displaying its sub-elements and their values. You can expand all levels in the object. Members are grouped by an ancestor.

Note: Tooltips are supported by all the Embarcadero debuggers.

To expand tooltips during debugging

  1. Create a new application or open an existing application.
  2. Choose Project > Options > Delphi Compiler > Compiling and verify that the Use debug DCUs option is selected.
  3. Choose Tools > Options > Editor Options > Code Insight Options and verify that the Tooltip expression evaluation option is selected.
  4. Choose Run > Step Over.
    Tip: Alternatively, press F8.
    This opens the Code page of the main source file for the project.
  5. Choose Run > Step Over again. This initializes the project.
  6. Move the cursor over the Application keyword. This displays the tooltip in a single block.
  7. Click the + next to the Application keyword within the tooltip.
    • The tooltip expands to a scrollable box that contains each child property and its value.
    • The + appears next to each property that has one or more child properties.
    • You can expand any member to display properties and values hierarchically within the tooltip.

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